Ordering food online made easy with MANA APP! We deliver your orders in 40 minutes or less.


App is created keeping in mind all the necessities of customers who order food online.

Easy Tracking:

You can track your order easily with this amazing app and know where your food is in real time.

Exciting features:

Some of the most exciting features are available in the mobile app that customers can use and when needed.

Fully Optimized Edition

Incredible features are equipped in the app to ensure our customers can make the most out of online food ordering. Not only you can place orders with total ease and simplicity, but also tracking of your order is easy with our user-friendly mobile app.

Place orders now with MANA APP and enjoy the fastest food delivery service right on your doorsteps. Our services are second to none and you will surely get the real value for your hard earned money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use MANA APP?

Pretty simple! Enter the delivery address to know about the restaurants delivering in your area. Or you can search restaurants nearby.

How does MANA APP work with restaurants?

The mission of MANA APP  is to allow customers to order from every delivery restaurant in the region and to achieve this goal; we bring different restaurants online. We make them understand the benefits and convenience of online ordering. We take great care of every partnership and the number of restaurants partnering with us is increasing rapidly.

Who delivers my food?

To ensure we deliver food faster than others in the same domain, we have set up a network of drivers who deliver food in least possible time. Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of all our valuable customers while offering the fastest possible food delivery service.

Why should I use services of MANA APP?

Here at MANA APP, we process every single order. Your credit card information so as our website and mobile app all are secure to use. In addition, our quick delivery service makes us stand out from the rest in the same domain.

How much does it take for orders to reach me?

We try our best to deliver every order in least possible time. An average time for each order to be processed form start to finish takes 40 minutes or less.

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